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Would you like to be more flexible and relaxed?

If so, Fitness 19 Lime Kiln's Yoga classes are for you. Taught by Christiane Tawfik, our classes are for both beginning and intermediate participants.

Christiane is in her 12th year of yoga practice and has been at our gym since 2014. She developed the yoga program here and continues to make it a fun and beneficial class. She appreciates most about yoga the mind/body/spirit connection and presents that aspect of yoga in her classes. Christiane's favorite yoga pose is Ardha Chandrasana, half moon pose.

Classes are $5 per class and anyone can attend, you don't have to be a member of the gym. Our Schedule of classes is:

   - Monday and Thursday Evenings - 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

   - Monday and Wednesday Afternoons - 2:00 PM - 3:00PM

You can call in to make a reservation or just show up 15 - 20 minutes before class time, sign-up and enjoy. Mats are provided if you don't have one. See you in class!


Christiane Tawfik

Christiane Tawfik - Fitness 19 Lime KilnChristiane is in her 12th year of yoga practice, and loving it. In 2014 she completed her yoga training at Yoga East and started teaching immediately after, in May 2014.

In September 2014 she single handedly started and developed the yoga program at Fitness 19, Lime Kiln Lane, and is currently enjoying teaching GENTLE and HATHA ALL LEVEL classes there. She also teaches at Yoga East. In the past her classes were also held at Yoga Loft and Better Body’s fitness. Besides subbing many classes for yoga teachers, Christiane continues her training to be certified as an RYT500. Her training includes Anatomy, yoga philosophy, mind and body connections, breathing methods and getting to know more about the human muscles and their functions.

Her Yoga East teachers are Laura Spalding, Susan Reid, Anne Kosko, Kara Price, Andrea Rothgerber. She attended workshops with world renowned gurus: Doug Keller, Francois Raoult, Kino McGregor, and Robert Moses.

Her teachings include Hatha, gentle, Vinyasa, flow and slow flow classes. She is working on getting Yoga Nidra type classes as well.



Give us a call at (502) 244-4019 to learn more about our Yoga Classes.