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Personal Training Programs

There are three distinct phases of each training program. Programs are based on a twelve week format meeting once, twice or three times per week.


Foundation Program

Focus – The goal of this phase is to learn how your body responds to exercise. We will start with an exercise program that will challenge your endurance levels and begin to correct muscle imbalance. In this phase you will see strength and energy levels increase along with the start of your body composition change. This program can be basic or advanced.


Progression Program

Includes – Foundation Program plus the following;

Focus – This phase we will educate you on the ways to exchange exercises and tweak your routines (Cardio, Resistance, Flexibility, and Core). This phase will give you the knowledge needed to sustain and accelerate future fitness goals. We will begin to integrate more progressive exercise techniques and stimulate your body through muscle confusion.


Acceleration Program

Includes Foundation Program, Progression Program, plus the following;

Focus – This phase maximizes strength and accelerates body composition change through advanced total body movements. During this phase you will challenge multiple muscle groups to increase tone, strength, and overall fitness. Once finished with this phase your clothes will fit better, you will be more firm, and you have noticeable changes in your body. This program is for the person looking for a total body transformation.

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